Watch the Trailer for Bao - Pixar's New Film

Watch the Trailer for Bao - Pixar's New Film
From Fine Dining Lovers - April 13, 2018

Dumpling fans prepare to get hungry! The long-awaited trailer forPixar's new short film, Bao, has arrived.

The 8-minuteanimation with a feel-good tale, devoted to the warm soft steamed buns, which will probably have you marching straight to your nearest bao shop the minute it finishes!

The touching story follows a depressed Chinese Canadian mom given a new chance at motherhood after when one of her apork-filledbuns comes to life as a "giggling dumpling boy" relieving her empty nest syndrome.

The story was inspired by the director Domee Shi's personal experience, she tells Entertainment todayGrowing up as the only child to Chinese immigrants in Canada she often felt treated like a precious little dumpling by her over earnest parents - plus the word bao also means "precious. A treasure in Chinese."

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The edible looking dumplings were recreated so accurately on screen thanks to "hands on" dumpling making demos from the "dumpling master" (Shi's mother) allowing the animators to study every fold, cut and roll behind a beaufiful bao.

Naturally, the film crew found it hungry work too managing to tuck away more than their fair share of bao, all in the name of research.

Pixar's Bao will be screened as part of the NYC film festivals short animated showcases in New York on 21, 24,27 and 28 April. It will also appear before showings of Incredibles 2, which lands in theaters on June 15


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