Jérôme Bocuse: "My Father Would Be Very Proud of What We Have Seen Today"

Jérôme Bocuse: "My Father Would Be Very Proud of What We Have Seen Today"
From Fine Dining Lovers - April 12, 2018

Day One: Bocuse d'Or - Americas

The Bocuse d'Or Americas competition, sponsored by S.Pellegrino, is finally underway in beautiful and historic Mexico City.

Day One was met with excitement as 12 representatives covering the two extremes of the continent - from Canada to Argentina - faced off in the kitchen, showcasing their extreme level of competence and discipline.

The prestigious contest is one of three continental selections where five of the best teams will be chosen to compete in the grande finale in Lyon, France in 2019.

The Challenges

On Day One Canada, Ecuador, Brazil, Colombia, Uruguay and Argentina, set the mood. The remaining five teams will participate tomorrow.Contestants have 5 hours and 35 minutesto prepare:

- one plate combining whole salmon and crab meat in a creative fashion

-one platter featuring suckling pig and one or more of the following berries: blueberry, strawberry, blackberry and raspberry

The jury paid special attention to the ability to produce a perfect harmony between the flavors of the berries and the suckling pig while reflecting the culinary heritage of each of their countries.

Some contestants traveled with ingredients and others adopted spices related to their native countries. Uruguay is the only country on the American continent that has ossetra caviar and, naturally, it was on its plate.

Plate from Uruguay | photo: Alex Ver

Remembering Paul Bocuse

This is a particularly significant year since last January, its founder, the tireless Paul Bocuse, died at the age of ninety-one. For what his son Jrme Bocuse commented for Fine Dining Lovers:

"First of all, if my father saw what we have lived today he would be very proud, he would be surprised how he has increased the level in South America. Today I saw a lot of technique and the Bocuse d'Or reflects what happens in the gastronomic world."

A Look At The Contestants

Also present at the Bocuse d'Or Americas edition was American Mathew Peters, winner of the 1st place in the final of 2017, who for this edition also served as president of the jury.


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