This Is The Easiest Sopaipilla Cheesecake Recipe Ever

This Is The Easiest Sopaipilla Cheesecake Recipe Ever
From Fine Dining Lovers - April 10, 2018

Deep-fried Mexican pastries known as sopaipillas,are the inspiration behind this exciting cheesecake with a twist. If you love the crisp taste of fried dough and the creamy texture of cheesecake then this is a must-try dessert recipe for you.

Traditionally, sopaipillas are pillowy dough triangles fried until golden and topped with cinnamon, sugar and/or honey. They are exquisite when warm and are perfect with a cup of coffee.

Why use sopapillas as a cheesecake crust? Aside from being delicious they are a funsubstitute for the classic graham cracker crust and add a flaky topping that is simply irresistible.

Most people do not have time to whip up sopaipillas from scratch to use in this recipe. Thus, we have taken the liberty of swapping them for refrigerated crescent dough. It works really well and makes for an amazing sopaipilla cheesecake dessert. Ready to get started?

The Easiest Sopaipilla Cheesecake Recipe

You will need these ingredients for 12 servings:

2 cans refrigerated crescent dinner rolls (8 oz / 226 g each)
2 packages cream cheese (8 oz / 226 g each) at room temperature
1/2 (113 g) cup butter, melted but cooled
1 1/4 (340 g) cup sugar
1 tspvanilla extract
1 tbsp ground cinnamon
a pinch of salt


1. Preheat the oven to 350F (170C).


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