Potholes as flower pots? Brussels protester brightens up damaged roads

From Reuters - April 6, 2018

BRUSSELS (Reuters) - A Brussels man has begun planting flowers in potholes across the Belgian capital to highlight what he says is the sorry state of many of the citys roads.

Armed with a bag full of flowers, soil and a small plastic watering can, Anton Schuurmans walks around town planting daffodils or geraniums in every pothole he finds, sometimes braving heavy traffic to reach the middle of busy crossings.

Pedestrians, bicycles, people with their cars, everybody is being annoyed by these potholes, said 29-year-old Schuurmans, standing outside Brussels gothic cathedral, where he had just planted several flowers.

People stopped and took pictures on their phones as they walked by the flowers, many agreeing that the potholes had become a problem.


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