The Ultimate Guide to Help You Sleep Through the Night Tonight

The Ultimate Guide to Help You Sleep Through the Night Tonight
From Lifehack - March 30, 2018

Its well past midnight and youve got to get up in less than six hours. Before you know it, another hour passes by and you start panicking.

If I dont get to sleep in the next 30 minutes, Im going to be exhausted tomorrow!

One thing is for sure, youre not alone. Over 70M+ Americans have stated that they dont get the proper sleep they need at night.1 So what could possibly be causing this insomnia epidemic?

Throughout my entrepreneurial journey of building my language learning company, I have experimented and researched dozens of best sleep practices. Some have flopped but a few have dramatically improved the quality of my life and work.

Why you cant sleep through the night

The first step to improving anything is getting to the bottom of the root problem. Different studies have shown the reasons why most people cannot sleep well at night.2 Here are the main ones that the average person faces:


If youve ever stayed up at night worrying about something, know that its a major sleep inhibitor. When youre feeling stress, your mind and body becomes more activated, making it incredibly difficult to fall asleep. Even when you do manage to sleep, it wont be deep enough to help you feel rested the next day.

Exposure to blue light before sleep time

Were exposed to harmful blue light on a daily basis through the use of our digital screens. If youve never heard of blue light, its part of the visible light spectrum that suppresses melatonin, our sleep hormones. Other harmful effects include digital eye strains and macular cellular damage.

While daytime exposure to blue light is not very harmful, night time exposure tricks our brain into thinking its daytime. By keeping your brain alert and suppressing melatonin, your mind is unable to shut down and relax before bedtime.

Eating close to bedtime

Eating too late can actually be an issue for many people, especially those who are older than 40. The reason is, eating before laying down increases the chances of Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), in which stomach acid backflows into the esophagus.

Another reason not to eat too late is sleep quality. Even if you manage to sleep right after eating, its likely that youll wake up tired. Instead of letting your body rest during sleep, it has to digest the food that was entered before bedtime.

Rule of thumb: eat 3-4 hours before bedtime.

The vicious sleep cycle

The biggest danger to repeating the bad habits mentioned above is the negative cycle that it can take you through. A bad nights sleep can affect not only your energy but your willpower and decision making skills.

For example:

How to sleep better (throughout the night)

1. Take control over the last 90 minutes of your night

2. Eat the right nutrients (and avoid the wrong ones)

3. Adjust your sleep temperature

Sleep better form now on


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