Ready Player One: 10 Tech Hacks to Lose Weight and Level Up Your Life

Ready Player One:  10 Tech Hacks to Lose Weight and Level Up Your Life
From Nerd Fitness - March 30, 2018

Taaaaaaaaake onnnnnnnn me,

Taaaaaaaake meeeeee on!

Ill beeeeeeee goonnnnnnne,

In a day or TWOOOOOOO!

What the hell does that mean? Who cares!

All I know is that I cant get a-has Take on Me out of my head.Its been there ever since the trailer dropped for the nerdy nostalgia-bomb that is Steven Spielbergs Ready Player One, a blockbuster movie out now, based on the best-sellingbook of the same name:

As a child of the Oregon Trail generation[1], I thoroughly enjoyed all of the pop culture and nerd references throughout the novel and could certainly relate to the main character Wade Watts, an overweight awkward teenager who loves 80s pop culture and escapes a crappy existence by spending most of his time in virtual worlds.

It had me thinking deeply about how technology is creeping into every aspect of our lives, in both good ways and bad.

We cant not check our email every 3 seconds. We cant stop watching Netflix. We cant stop scrolling through photos on Instagram. We cant sit through a conversation with a person in front of us without habitually checking our phone every time it buzzes.

And then we all wonder why we are too busy, distracted, unhealthy, unhappy, and cant get ours**t together.

These days, its becoming more and more commonplace to use technology for convenience and quick bouts of entertainment and happiness to shield us from the reality that there are parts of our lives or our health were unhappy with.

InReady Player One,we get a very plausible look into a dystopian future where those societal trends have continued: technology gets better and more convenient, and people spend more and more time escaping into more exciting virtual lives online.

And society has nearly collapsed as a result.

Although this book is partly a cautionary tale about where were heading if we dont change our behavior, its also a charming Heros Journey, deep fried in neon-tinted nostalgia, that I couldnt put down.

As a gamer who thinks about life like a game (and even wrote a book aboutthis very idea), every page of this book had me grinning from ear to ear.

Today I want to quickly discuss the pitfalls of technology and then share my 10 favorite ways to use technology to get ourselves to actually do the stuff that matters every day.

This is Nerd Fitness, after all.

Soready, player one?

Why Ready Player ONe Matters

Dont get me wrong, I love technology.

Technology has allowed me to create Nerd Fitness and deliver this article to you. Its changed my life decidedly for the better and made literally everything easier.

The problem comes when technology gets TOO damn good. Video games are getting TOO well designed and addicting. TV shows and the delivery of those shows is so well done that you can lose an entire Saturday to 10 episodes in a row of Stranger Things before you realize it. Social media can be TOO pervasive, causing us to cast aside real life friendships and deep conversation in instead spend our time virtuallyand superficiallyconnecting with people.

We trade likes and thumbs up in this unwritten but very real economy of fluffing each others egos.

If youve read any of the recent studies on this stuff, you know that social media is actually making us unhappier and more anxious[2], and yet we cant get ourselves to stop seeking just another hit.

Its getting easier and easier to say one more level or Ill just check Instagram quickly and 10-15 minutes of your life is lost in a black hole of junk-food style entertainment.

And this causes us to forgo what is ACTUALLY important in our lives: Eating healthy. Exercising regularly. Practicing self-care. Getting enough sleep. Connecting with people in real life. [3]

Which brings me back to Ready Player One.

If you havent read the book or dont plan on seeing the movie, how did you end up on Nerd Fitnessallow me to quickly explain the premise:

The year is 2045, and technology has advanced dramatically while the rest of society has devolved. Our main character Wade Watts is an overweight, awkward high school senior with little money to his name.

Every day, Wade puts on a virtual reality headset to plug into The OASIS, a MMOSG (massively multiplayer online simulation game)think Second Life or World of Warcraft on steroids. OASIS has become so successful that its something pretty much everybody on the planet now uses.

In the OASIS, Wade attends school, hangs out with friends, and gets to create this alternate life for himself. Depending on how much in-game currency you have, you can visit various worlds, level up your character by completing quests, and make a life for yourself.

For most people, life in the OASIS kicks the crap out of their miserable real life, which means they use this second life as an escape from the harsh reality. And the more time they spend in game, the more they neglect their real-life health happiness, which further perpetuates a negative downward spiral.

So how does one stop letting the Matrix run their lives and instead take control back?

Lets see what Wade did.

Wade Gets in Shape to Level Up His Life

Wades in a not-so-great place.

He lives in isolation, is very unhappy with his physical appearance, struggles socially, and chooses to withdraw more and more into an anonymous character online thats much more exciting than his real world counterpart.

This is already happening today, with people losing their jobs, relationships, families, and even their lives due to online gaming or technology addictions.

Fortunately, Wade did something that was so freaking smart and clever that gets the 100% Nerd FItness Stamp of Approval.

[Note to self: buy stamp of approval.]

At a turning point in the story, Wade makes a decision that probably seemed small at the time but forever altered his lifes path. He turned on the voluntary Fitness Lockout protocol of the OASIS. This meant that every day, Wade had his biometrics tracked, and rigged his system so that he was locked out of using the OASIS until he got enough physical activity every day.

What this means: Wade used technology to make his life decidedly better instead of making it worse. He was so addicted to using the OASIS that he needed to be in there. Which meant if he wanted to play, he had only ONE path to connection:

Doing the damn exercise!

Unsurprisingly, this changed Wades negative downward spiral into a positive virtuous cycle. Getting all that exercise started to make him feel better about himself and gave him more energy. He got hooked on how he felt after exercise and how much more pride he felt looking in the mirror. In other words, it felt like he had regained control, and this caused him to want to continue to chase that feeling.

Wade was smart enough to build a system that forced himself to do what was best for him, and stuck with it long enough until that activity because his new default behavior.

Depending on where youre at in your fitness journey, this might sound like a pipe dream. However, I can tell you that theres one common thread in every one of our success storieswhether its single momsor opera-singing IT professionals, they all say the same thing:

I dont know how it happened, but somehowI now actually look forward to exercising.

Heres how you can be like Wade.

10 Ways to Make Technology Work For You

I dont believe technology is inherently good or bad.

Its a tool that can be used to improve or harm our lives. Oftentimes, a little bit is good, a lot is detrimental.


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