How to Open a Bottle of Wine: 5 Tips from a Sommelier

How to Open a Bottle of Wine: 5 Tips from a Sommelier
From Fine Dining Lovers - March 28, 2018

During an elegant dinner or important occasion, opening a bottle of wine goes far beyond the practical dimension and into something of a ritual.

While it may seem like a trivial job, extracting a cork from a wine bottle, unless you are expert sommelier, can be an insidious operation. A real expert is attentive to several aspects: how to remove the foil, how to clean the bottle, how to hold the bottle ...

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If you want to avoid spoiling the magic of the occasion, follow the advice of Alessandro Scorsone, sommelier and master of ceremonies of Palazzo Chigi, who drafted the five rules of how to expertly uncork a bottle for APCOR (the Portuguese Association of Producers of Cork).

According to Scorsone, a bottle of wine that's about to beopened contains the history of the vine, the cellar and of the geographical area. And, it's for those reasons, the moment that these stories are "freed" when the cork is extracted,is a moment that must be faced with awareness and utmost attention.

How to Open a Bottle of Wine: 5 Rules to Perfect

1. With the label exposed to the table and clearly visible to the guests, start to open the bottle by cutting the foil on the lowerlip of the bottleneck, at the front and back without ever moving or shaking the bottle itself.

2. After these incisions, the top of the foil can easily be removed. With a napkin, clean the upper part of the exposed bottle neck from any dust or mold.

3. Take a corkscrew, the spiral (or "worm") and insert into the exactcenter of the cap, for about 4/5 turns, from which the cork can then be lifted with the first lever.


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