Amazing Restaurants: 6 Stunning Restaurants for Thrill Seekers

Amazing Restaurants: 6 Stunning Restaurants for Thrill Seekers
From Fine Dining Lovers - March 19, 2018

Not necessarily gourmet or listed in gastronomic guides for their creative proposals and Michelin "starred" menus, these places are distinguished by one simple theme: they are some of the most amazing restaurants in the world.

Breathtaking views, impassable lanes to arrive, do you want the thrill of dining in the air or suspended several meters over a city?

You will find this and many more on the list that Fine Dining Lovers has drafted capturing some of the most amazing restaurants in the world.

6 Amazing Restaurants

1. The Huashan Teahouse, China

Do you have the stomach to venture up a perilous mountainous climb in order to drink a cup of tea? On Mount Huashan in China you can just this. What was originally a Taoist temple, set in a mountain complex, is without a shadow of doubt one of the most demanding restaurants to approach in the world: you have to face a long and exhausting climb, not to mention the possibility of falling into an abyss. To get to the Huashan Teahouse you certainly need an expert guide, but the arrival is worth the trip (and the effort).

2. Dinner in the Sky, Various Locations

Dinner in the Skylets you dine suspended in the skies of Brussels, or in Paris or London. It's not a real restaurant, but it is one of the most incredible dining venues in the world. Imagine the scene: an alternative corporate meeting or a much more "contained" bachelor party, all seated at a single table, while the chefs perform their magic, firmly secured in the centre. The team of suspended chefs are all Michelin starred, so expect a tasty, if not breezy dinner.

3. Ithaa Underwater Restaurant, Maldives

The first submarine address to have been created, the Ithaa Undersea Restaurant is among the most thrilling restaurants in the world. 12 seats, immersed in the Maldives, an archipelago located in the south of India and west of Sri Lanka, this restaurant is a real tunnel with a 270 degree view which is accessed via a small ladder. Not recommended if you suffer from claustrophobia, but highly recommended if you want to impress your beloved.

4. Lainio Snow Village Ice Restaurant, Finland

5. Yellow Tree House, New Zealand

6. El Diablo, Lanzarote


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