10 Traditional Easter Dishes in Italy to Try

10 Traditional Easter Dishes in Italy to Try
From Fine Dining Lovers - March 16, 2018

In a country that knows how to eat, festive holidays offer the perfect occasion to explore local food habits and customes, liketraditional Easter dishes in Italy.

Easter lunch in Italy is an important family meal filled with symbolic foods, family favourites and seasonal fruit and vegetables.

From deep fried artichokes, to hearty lasagne, roast lamb and traditional pies, dessert time is all about the baked goods. There's something to appeal to all generations seated around the table at this symbolic time of year.

Here's a taste of traditional Easter dishes in Italy that you can try making at home this holiday season.

Traditional Easter Dishes in Italy

Fried Artichoke

Artichoke are in season so what could be better than starting the Easter lunch with delicious lightly fried artichokes?


Lasagne is a family favourite "primo" for Easter. Take your pick between asparagus, artichoke, classic or vegan with these5 awesome lasagne recipesto enjoy on Easter day.

Ragu alla Bolognese

If you love making a batch of ragu, try this dish that will please the whole family. Find a selection of chef calibre ragu recipes here.

Roast Lamb

Tender spring lamb is a traditional roast that graces most household tables on Easter day. Learn how to cook a leg of lamb here.

Lamb Ragu and Artichokes

If you love lamb but want to try a more refined recipe try this chef recipe that comes with artichokes. Find the recipe here.





Sweet Easter Pizza


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