'Gualtiero Marchesi,The Great Italian' will be Screened Worldwide

From Fine Dining Lovers - March 14, 2018

The loss of legendary Italian chefGualtiero Marchesi is still palpaple in the culinary world. So, much so that after the numerous tributes and dishes dedicated to him by Italian chefs like Carlo Cracco and Enrico Crippa during Identit Golose - an exciting new initiative has been launched to spread the knowledge and cult of the memory left by the Inventor of Modern Italian Cuisine.The screening of thedocufilm "Guiltero, The Great Italian" which re-traces the life of the Maestro, worldwide in 11 cities across three continents (see clip above).

Director Maurizio Gigola's film,produced by Food & Media International and realized with the contribution of S.Pellegrino shares the story of the life ofGualtiero Marchesi, the great master of Italian cuisine, as he takes the viewers on a world journey. From Italy to Japan, he meets and discusses the great theme of food with extraordinary chefs and other personalities of culinary excellence.

The film was first presented at the Cannes Film Festival, back in 2016, where some of the Gualtiero Marchesi's protegees also hosted a dinner that revisited some of the Master's most iconic dishes.

This year, from 19 March to 30 November 2018 a series of events will unfold in four corners of the planet, as the docufilm is presented in cultural centers and embassies around the world, allowing the legacy of the great chef to be appreciated globally.

The first date is scheduled in Milan on 19 March at the Odeon and Palazzo Mezzanotte.

Follow us to stay informed confirmed dates coming up.

Gualtiero Marchesi Wordwide Screenings

Milan | 19 March 2018

Paris | 21 May 2018

(tbc) London | 18 June 2018

(tbc) Moscow | 24 September 2018


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