Would You Bite Down on This Bug Burger?

Would You Bite Down on This Bug Burger?
From Fine Dining Lovers - March 13, 2018

What could the healthy, sustainable and equally importantly, delicious fast food of the future look like?

Its a question the team over at Space10, IKEAs external future living lab in Copenhagen have been toying with in their test kitchen. Theyve reimagined a handful of classic fast food dishes using everything from insectsto algae to construct a hypothetical future fast food menu that would be good for both us and the planet.

But is has to taste good too: To change peoples minds about food, to inspire them to try new ingredients, we cant just appeal to the intellectwe have to titillate their taste buds, they say.

One dish is the Bug Burger, pictured above. Each patty contains 100g of beetroot, 50g of parsnip, 50g of potatoes, and 50g of mealworms and is served on a white-flour bun, topped with relish, beetroot and blackcurrant ketchup, chive spread, and a hydroponic salad mix.

It's important to note that there are no plans for any of the dishes, more of which you can see below, to feature on the menu of your local IKEA anytime soon, but its a tantalising glimpse of what we might be binging on in the future.

Space 10 also have some pretty neat urban gardening solutions too.

All photos:Kasper Kristoffersen

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