Chinese Artichoke: How to Cook this Delicate Tuber

Chinese Artichoke: How to Cook this Delicate Tuber
From Fine Dining Lovers - March 8, 2018

Chinese artichokes, also known as Chorogi, Betony or Crosne ... are the unusual knobbly looking winter vegetable that is also surprisingly delicious.

What these tubers lackin aesthetics they make up for with their delicate nutty flavour and crunchy flesh that have increasingly been championed by chefs in recent years.

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Where do Chinese Artichokes come from?

The tubers hail from the mint family and are native to Japan and China. It was not until the 1880s that the Chinese artichoke or Crosnes were introduced into Europe, firstly in France where they were cultivated near the region of Crosne.

Chinese artichokes have since become more popular across the pond in the United States where they have become something of a darling of the chef world. Harvested by hand their hefty price tag only aids their fine-dining ambitions.

How to Eat Chinese Artichoke or Crosnes

Most similar to water chestnuts these vegetables can be eaten raw or cooked, much in the same way assunchokes.


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