5 Tips on Perfecting the Best Pizza Crust from a Pizzaiolo

5 Tips on Perfecting the Best Pizza Crust from a Pizzaiolo
From Fine Dining Lovers - March 1, 2018

Beniamino Bilali is the young and talented pizzaiolo who fell in love with pizza making as a boy and now coordinates the group ofPummpizzerias, in Bologna, Milan, Milano Marittima and Ibiza.

Fine Dining Lovers caught up with the pizza expert to discover his top tips on making the best pizza base for all those trying their hand at spinning pizzas at home.

From the hydration of the dough to the rising time to the tomato used, here is all you need to know before going wild with the most whimsical toppings you can conjure up.

Best Pizza Crust Tips

Hydrating the Dough

The amount of water present in a dough is called "hydration" and is expressed as a percentage of the kilograms of flour." For an optimal result I recommend hydrating the mixture to at least 60%," explains Bilali.

Leavening Time

It's the opinion of many, and also of pizza maker Pumm that "In addition to using the right amount of yeast, it's essential to leaven the dough for at least 24 hours."

Cooking the Pizza

Quality not Quantity

Quality Olive Oil


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