How to Make the World's Most Difficult Dessert

How to Make the World's Most Difficult Dessert
From Fine Dining Lovers - February 23, 2018

If you fancy yourself something of a pastry maestro then how about this for a challenge?

The recipe below is for The Fat Duck'sBotrytis Cinerea dessert, which famously is made up of 20 different elements and over 50 different stages of preperation.

According to Heston Blumenthal, chef-owner of the three-Michelin-star restaurant in Bray, England, the dessert is designed to ape the flavour profile of grapes infected with botrytis cinerea, a type of fungus, which is known as the noble rot, as it can concentrate and sweeten the flavour of wine grapes when they are dried.

The dessert contains elements such as aerated grape juice, pear balls infused with saffron, vanilla and fenugreek, a roquefort powder and a peach wine gum. It's a strictly professional recipe of course, but marvel at how to make one of the world's most difficult desserts and watch Fat Duck head chef Jonny Lake talking about the dish in the video below.

And for more crazy dishes from Heston, check out eight of his most iconic here.

Botrytis Cinerea dessert recipe


Soaked Sultana:

50g sultanas

25g botrytis semillion

Fenugreek Syrup:

75g fructose

125g water

0.5g tartaric acid

12g fenugreek seeds, crushed

Saffron Vanilla Syrup:

85g fructose

125g water

1/2 vanilla beans, scraped

0.1g saffron

1g malic acid

Infused Pear Balls:

1 pear

saffron vanilla syrup

fenugreek syrup

Aerated Saffron Grape Juice:

500g green grapes

0.5g saffron

100g trehalose

1.4g whey protein

6g egg white powder

Citrus Reduction:

100g blood orange puree

100g mandarin puree

100g pink grapefruit puree

50g lemon puree

Citrus Sorbet:

30g pink grapefruit segments, juice from segmenting reserved

210g orange segments, juice from segmenting reserved

20g lemon segments, juice from segmenting reserved

15g lime segments, juice from segmenting reserved

20g citrus reduction

25g fructose

17.5g trimoline

2.5g vodka

75g natural yoghurt

Frozen Grapes:

250g black muscat grapes

4.5g gelatine powder

100g citrus juice from segmentation for sorbet

20g fructose

1g minus 8 ice wine vinegar

Peach Wine Gum:

330g creme de peche

24g gelatine powder

120g glucose

75g Billington

2.25g tartaric acid

135g botrytis semillion

Canola spray

Grape Fluid Gel:

900g white grape juice

9g gellan F

150g minus 8 ice wine vinegar

60g orange muscat wine

Grapeseed Oil Crumble:

180g flour

180g corn starch

90g icing sugar

120g grapeseed oil

60g unsalted butter, melted

Churros Stalks:

200g water

26g grapeseed oil plus more for brushing

38g caster sugar

2g salt

100g 00 flour

100g Billington unrefined golden caster sugar

0.5g fenugreek powder

Pear Caramel Filling:

108g glucose

144g caster sugar

36g butter, slightly salted

120g thickened cream, warmed

180g peeled pear

5g malic acid

Crystallised Chocolate:

150g water

150g caster sugar


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