Restaurant Names and Shames No Shows

Restaurant Names and Shames No Shows
From Fine Dining Lovers - February 20, 2018

No-shows can be devastating for independent restaurants, from casual neighbourhood eateries to top Michelin spots. These businesses run on tight margins and even a couple of empty tables can have huge financial implications. Its why some restaurants use pre-paid ticketing systems and has even led, in Australia, to an online reservations site drawing up a blacklist of persistent offenders.

However, a restaurant in the UK has gone one step further, by naming and shaming its no-shows on social media.

As The Mirror reports, The Cauldron Restaurant in Bristol named named and shamed four tables of two that failed to show on Valentines Day via Twitter, listing their reasons for not coming, including two out and out no-shows, a lat cancellation and one pair who said they had forgot to cancel.

Codd X 2 @ 7pm NO SHOW
Gragham X 2 @ 7:15pm LAST MINUTE CANCEL
Peters X 2 8pm NO SHOW
Barkley X 2 8:30 "FORGOT TO CANCEL"


The Cauldron Restaurant (@TheCauldronRest) February 15, 2018

The Tweet has received support from fellow restaurateurs and the public alike, with nearby restaurants sharing their experiences too, including one in Cardiff, Wales which had 16 no-shows in one night.

Sorry to the 47 people on the waiting list for this evening we have had a table of 4 no show #NoRespect #Nameandshame #BlacklistedinBath

Menu Gordon Jones (@MenuGordonJones) February 14, 2018
Bar 44 Cardiff (@bar44cardiff) February 15, 2018


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