10 Chinese Vegetarian Recipes You'll Love

10 Chinese Vegetarian Recipes You'll Love
From Fine Dining Lovers - February 12, 2018

In the mood for Chinese food? Give these Chinese vegetarian recipes a try. Each of these dishes is satisfying and easy to prepare all while being packed with vegetables and bold flavors.

Gathered here you will find a combination of authentic Chinese dishes and Chinese-inspired recipeswhich make use of traditional flavors like ginger, garlic, sesame and soy sauce. If you like things spicy do not miss the recipes infused with Sichuan pepper.

Hungry already? Try one of these Chinese vegetarian recipes tonight. Save the rest for later.

10 Must-Try Chinese Vegetarian Recipes

Chinese Spring Rolls

Did you know that traditional Chinese spring rolls are naturally vegan? This recipe is packed with good-for-you veggies like carrots, cabbage and bean sprouts.

Click here for this Chinese vegetarian recipe.

Chinese Noodles with Mushrooms

This umami-packed Chinese recipe is perfect as a vegan main course. You will love the trio of mushrooms and hint of lime.

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Sweet and Sour Tofu Stir Fry

This bright and colorful vegan stir fry is packed with veggies, pineapple and chilies. It is delicately flavored with dark soy sauce and vinegar.

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Vegan Chinese Pancakes

Savory pancakes are just the thing to serve at your next brunch. This this tempting Chinese version prepared with sesame oil and scallions.

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Chinese Broccoli with Orange

Broccoli stems and florets are tossed with ginger, orange zest, garlic and beans sprouts in this tasty vegan recipe.

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Sichuan-style Fried Tofu

Chinese Vegetables with Baby Corn

Chinese Noodles with Tofu and Vegetables

Sichuan Beans with Garlic

Fried Rice with Scallions

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