Chefs Share 16 of the Stupidest Customer Complaints Ever

Chefs Share 16 of the Stupidest Customer Complaints Ever
From Fine Dining Lovers - January 11, 2018

Chefs on the whole are happy to fix a meal if somethings not right, but there will always be those customers who are impossible to please; those who send a meal back with the craziest excuses, whether due to a lack of knowledge about what theyre ordering, because they are attempting to scam the restaurant or are just plain unhinged.

We came across this old Reddit thread, where chefs and the odd server share their war stories of the stupidest customer complaints ever and there are some real gems on there, from being allergic to a pasta shape to too many cherries in the cherry pie.

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Woman orders meal and asks for there to be no salt, pepper, garlic, or any other herbs or spices in the meal. Then sends it back because "it's flavorless.

This one time, a customer came up to the counter and told us their burger was undercooked and demanded we recook it. Unfortunately they decided not to tell us until they were 3/4 done with the food. So my my manager happily obliged and had their burger remade. After it was finished, he cut the burger into fourths, and gave the customer a fresh quarter of a burger, well done. The look on their face was justice.

"Can I have this made with penne instead? I am allergic to fettuccine"

"Sir, there are teeth in my food!" "Wow. Are you serious? Ok I will come check it out........ Sir, those are onions." "Well... It's weird, can I order something else?"

A trio of ladies ordered a pork sandwich and two cheeseburgers. Normal right? Nope, they were on the Atkins diet so they wanted no buns, no cheese, no toppings of any sort. So I bring out three plates, two with just patties and one with a pile of pork. "What is this? This is NOT what I ordered!" Well ma'am, that's a pork sandwich minus the onions, coleslaw, cheese, bun, and fries. Not really sure what they were expecting.

A woman ordered a plate of sweet and sour chicken, and 10 minutes later came back with every fried chicken chunk broken open, chicken consumed, and demanded a refund saying there was no chicken in the breading.

As a bartender I once had a waitress bring back a dirty martini because it "tasted like olives." Trying to sound impressive while ordering a drink, are we?

I once heard an old man getting pretty flustered and really irritated because he said he wanted 8 french fries and apparently he got 11.

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