How to Prepare Turnips: From Root to Tip

How to Prepare Turnips: From Root to Tip
From Fine Dining Lovers - January 8, 2018

Easily overlooked, turnips are the surprisinglynutritious and versatile root vegetable worthy of some kitchen air time this winter.

Stuffed, pickled, baked, roasted, mashed and boiled ... there are many ways to enjoy these versatile vegetables, from root to tip.

Whether turned into interesting side dishes or main dishes, from salads to bakes there's a turnip recipe to put on your table this winter.

Here's some handy quick guidelines on how to prepare turnips ready for turning them into delicious turnip recipes.

How to Peel Turnips

Turnips come in variety of shapes and sizes. Despite their unwieldly shape you can still learn how to easily peel turnips in this simple video.

How to cut Turnips

Turnips can be an awkward to slice. Finesse your knife skills with this handy video below.


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