How to Detect a Dumb Who Is Faking Smart

How to Detect a Dumb Who Is Faking Smart
From Lifehack - December 29, 2017

Have you noticed that some people pretend to be busy at work? Im sure you have, as its certainly not uncommon. However, some people practice a bigger deception, namely, they pretend to be much smarter than they really are.

But whether its attempting to look busy or look smart, its obvious that these people are super-conscious of how others see them.

And while pretending to be something theyre not can work for a timeeventually theyll be caught out, as the vast majority of people overestimate themselves in the acting skills department.

Faking Smart Makes People Look Smarter?

When it comes to faking smart, these pretenders fully believe that their act can change the way others see them.

For example, an ambitious office worker might look and sound smart as theyre keen to climb the career ladder. However, as youll discover in a moment appearances can be deceptive!

Ive thought long and hard about these pretenders, and Ive come to the realization that they dont understand that the quality of smartness needs to come from within. Its not a characteristic that can just be put on a like a jacket or a scarf.

Clearly, these people are acting from a surface level and playing the role of someone who is seen as smart (although that will be their own interpretation of smart).

Even the Best Actors Have Their Bad Days

Just think for a moment about a person who you once thought was smartbut later realized was really just an average person with a gift for selling themselves. If you recall some of the conversations you had with them, youll remember that they loved to give lots of opinions on things, but could seldom express the reasons for these opinions.

Simply put, they dominated conversations by talking a lotbut most of what they spoke was nonsense.

Ive encountered so many of these people over the years, that I now feel sorry for them when I see them pretending to be something that theyre not. Its quite sad as theyre emotionally and mentally desperate for others to see them as smart people who know lots of things.

How to Spot a Pretender

I want to share with you now my techniques for spotting mediocre people who are pretending to be smart people.

The first and primary technique is to ask these people lots of questions. When you do this, youll quickly begin to unravel their lines.

Seeing Instantly Through Someone


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