Would You Like To Wake Up To A Miracle Every Morning?

Would You Like To Wake Up To A Miracle Every Morning?
From Lifehack - December 15, 2017

How would you feel waking up tomorrow or someday in the future and realising that part of or your entire life has been transformed and you are happier, healthier, shapely or more successful?

The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod has earned countless plaudits and rightly so given the way it unleashes the not-so-obvious secret thats guaranteed to change your life forever. Incredibly, what is widely regarded as among the most life-changing books ever published offers a series of simple approaches to achieving all that you have ever wished for. It is, therefore, no surprise that Robert Kiyosaki calls Hal Elrod a genius and the novel, a magical solution to his life, combining the best practices compiled over centuries of human consciousness.

Rich in Stories, Habits, Rituals, and Lessons that Inspire Change

The Miracle Morning is a moving and compelling book written after the author survived miraculously from a fatal accident. After being clinically dead for six minutes and spending a further six days in a coma and then the doctor telling him that the amount of brain damage he has suffered meaning he would never walk, he embarked on turning over a new page.

Hal Elrod, then 20 years old, woke up and realized he needed to change for the better and with the help of a friend; he started what he fondly calls The Miracle Morning that helps face a joyful and productive day. Right now, Hal Elrod is a walking miracle, speaking words of hope and encouragement to those lost and requires the best practices to change their lives.

Accept responsibility for your actions

Through The Miracle Morning, Elrod uses his inspirational stories to motivate. He mainly uses the head-on-collision he encountered to explain why weve got to meet each problem head-on. He writes about the need to accept total responsibility for whatever happens in ones life and why how often you take responsibility dictates the amount of power to you.

As a hero in his story, the author doesnt shy away from encouraging the reader to see each day as an opportunity to lead a proper life of enthusiasm. The bigger the challenge, the better the story! He says.


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