Here Are the Top 10 Best Cities to Raise a Family - Apartment Therapy

Here Are the Top 10 Best Cities to Raise a Family - Apartment Therapy
From The Kitchn - November 22, 2017

If family is your priority, it makes sense to want to live somewhere known for being family-friendly, right? Whether you are planning a family in the futureor you already have kids and are looking to make a moveyou may be curious about your best options.

A recent report from WalletHub looked at the 150 most populated cities in the US and ranked them based on 5 categoriesfamily fun, health and safety, education and childcare, affordability and socioeconomicsto determine the best cities to raise a family. You can look at the interactive map of results below, or read the full report here.

If all this info has just made you more curious about the overall top cities, here's what you need to know...

1. Overland Park, KS

Standout Stats: Overland Park takes the No. 1 spot overall for affordability, with low poverty rates and high median salaries.

Things to Do: Overland Park is home toand close to, with Kansas City, MO nearby) plenty of kid-friendly activities like indoor skydiving, family bowling nights, a botanical garden and arboretum, and some interesting museums. Find out more at Visit Overland Park.

2. Madison, WI

Standout Stat: Madison takes the top spot nationwide for education and child care, and falls within the top 10 for affordability, at No. 7.

Things to Do: Families in Madison will enjoy an educational visit to the state capitol, not to mention the Madison Children's Museum, and the Henry Vilas Zoo (one of the only admission-free zoos in the country). It's also home to the largest producer-only farmer's market in the country. Learn more at Visit Madison.

3. Plano, TX

Standout Stats: Across three of the five categories (affordability, socioeconomics, and health and safety) Plano comes in solidly at second place.

Things to Do: Plano is home toand nearsome interesting museums and attractions, like the Dallas World Aquarium and Rainforest, and the Heard Natural Science Museum and Wildlife Sanctuary. Find out more at Visit Plano.

4. Seattle, WA

Standout Stats: Of the overall top 5 cities, Seattle ranks highest for family funtaking the No. 10 spot nationwide.

Things to Do: Seattle is home to tons of family-friendly attractionsthe Museum of Pop Music, the Museum of Flight, the Seattle Children's Museum, and the Pacific Science Center, just to name a few. Learn more at Visit Seattle.

5. Fremont, CA

Standout Stat: Fremont was crowned the winner in two categories, taking the No. 1 spot in both socioeconomics and health and safety.

6. Minneapolis, MN

7. Virginia Beach, VA

8. Sioux Falls, SD

9. Irvine, CA

10. Lincoln, NE


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