Ramsay Slammed for 'Worst Beer in the World' Ad

Ramsay Slammed for 'Worst Beer in the World' Ad
From Fine Dining Lovers - November 20, 2017

Gordon Ramsay has been mocked online for appearing in an advert for Cass, a South Korean beer described as "maybe the worst beer in the world."

As The Guardian reports, Ramsay has been slammed on social media for appearing in the advert, which you can watch below, due to the reported poor quality of the beer, which is said to be lacking in flavour due to a low malt content.

Ramsay is defiant however, claiming that he drank the beer before the endorsement and that Cass is "the beer of the people."

I have fallen in love with Korean food, and it doesnt need to have an over-sophisticated, slightly unique beer that costs a fortune, Ramsay reportedly told the press. In the advert he describes the beer as "Bloody fresh."

I am losing my mind over this RECENT korean ad Gordon Ramsay did for CASS, which is maybe the worst beer in the world

Dami Lee (@dami_lee) September 20, 2017

Biggest news coming out of Korea today: Gordon Ramsay becomes spokesmodel for (pretty terrible) Cass beer.

Lizzie Parker (@LizzieParker) September 15, 2017


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