5 Tricks for Actually Eating Dinner the Week of Thanksgiving - Thanksgiving Tips

5 Tricks for Actually Eating Dinner the Week of Thanksgiving - Thanksgiving Tips
From The Kitchn - November 16, 2017

If you are hosting Thanksgiving this year, you have likely had nothing but turkey and stuffing on your brain for the past couple of weeks. Now you are in the final stretch, busying yourself with tasks all week to prepare for Thursday's big feast. You are too focused on rolling out perfect pie crust to think of dinner Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, right? We hear you.

While the lead up to the holiday can be frantic, it does not mean you ca not get dinner on the table. These five little tips and tricks ensure you do just that and do so without adding extra weight to your already stacked plate this week.

1. Lean on the pantry.

A well-stocked pantry is at its most valuable during times like this. When your turkey is taking up most of the room in the fridge and you ca not imagine stepping foot in the grocery store again this week to pick up things for dinner, poke your head into the pantry and cook from it. Now is the perfect time to use that half-empty box of pasta or dusty can of beans.

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2. Do not forget the freezer.

Your freezer is an extension of your dry pantry and is equally as useful this week. If you are lucky, there's a container of soup or a tray of lasagna in there that you froze weeks ago, when you were not consumed by Thanksgiving prep. Even if you did not have the foresight, however, I am sure you still have a bag of tortellini, meatballs, or potstickers in there from the last time you went a little crazy at Trader Joe's.

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3. Utilize the oven when it's on.

4. Embrace the snack board.

5. Treat yourself.


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