The Perfect Gift for People Who Hate When Their Food Touches - Kitchn Goes Shopping

The Perfect Gift for People Who Hate When Their Food Touches - Kitchn Goes Shopping
From The Kitchn - November 14, 2017

Every Thanksgiving with my family is like a reunion. We gather from places all over the East Coast to chow down on a plate of collard greens, turnips, and of course, turkey (do not forget the gravy). Traditionally, my Godfather and his brother have always cooked and served Thanksgiving dinner to the family. And while I love and appreciate the hard work they always put into preparing a huge meal for over 20 people, I used to cringe at how my Godfather and cousin prepped my plate because my food would always touch.

If you are like me and do not like your food touching, then you should know it's an actual phobia, called brumotactillophobia. As it turns out, brumotactillophobia is actually a mild form of obsessive compulsive disorder with varying severity. People who have this phobia simply like to have control over their food and enjoy each and every part of the mealseparately.

Well, after so many years of gravy tainting my marshmallow-filled sweet potatoes and making my buttered biscuits soggy, I have finally stumbled upon a solution, and it's called the food cubby plate divider. If the name sounds a little childish, well, that's because it is. It's mainly catered to picky eaters, which children (and myself) are notorious for.

How the Cubby Divider Works

It's pretty simple, really. The plate divider separates your plated food with a suction-cup seal to prevent any runny food from spreading. As the product tagline states, it's meant to "stop the yuck!" Here are some other things I love about it.

1. It helps with portion control.

The pack comes with two dividers: one larger divider and one smaller divider. The smaller divider can contain 1/2 cup portion of food, which I imagine might help someone who wants to watch how much they eat.

2. It's portable.

3. It's microwave- and dishwasher-friendly.


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