What Is Friendsgiving? A Guide to the Ultimate Friendsgiving. - Friendsgiving

What Is Friendsgiving? A Guide to the Ultimate Friendsgiving. - Friendsgiving
From The Kitchn - November 14, 2017

It's not always possible to go home to see your family for Thanksgiving, and thus Friendsgiving was born. Getting together with your friends to eat lots of delicious food and drink lots of delicious drinks might sound like an average Saturday night to some, but this is different. There's way more planning involved to pull off a great Friendsgiving, and with it comes more potluck-style food, pitcher drinks, and maybe even place settings.

What Is Friendsgiving?

Friendsgiving is exactly what it sounds like: It's when friends get together to celebrate Thanksgiving. It can be on the actual day of Thanksgiving, or before or after the big day. It's usually way more relaxed than the family Thanksgiving you might have grown up with. It's more of a potluck situation; the host typically makes the mains, while everyone else pitches in with sides and desserts. The food tends to not be as traditional and there's typically way more alcohol involved (Thanksgiving jello shots, anyone?)

Everything You Need to Plan Friendsgiving

Convincing people to come over to your apartment or home for a party full of food should not be hard. It's everything else that might be a little tricky. How far in advance do you need to meal prep? What if you are working with a teeny, tiny budget? Do you need to fancy up your place? (Spoiler: yes.) We have got you covered!

55 Recipes for Friendsgiving

When it comes to the best recipes for Friendsgiving, think outside the box. The traditional pumpkin pie is great, as is the roasted bird, but Friendsgiving is really a time to get creative. This is not your mother's menu. Here are some of our favorite recipes to make for the occasion.

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The most essential recipes for Friendsgiving are a lot more relaxed than the traditional fare. Instead of pecan pie, make pecan pie bars. Instead of green bean casserole, try something without the cream sauce. Appetizers should be covered in bacon (because of course).

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