Here's What Your Birth Month Says About Your Home - Apartment Therapy

Here's What Your Birth Month Says About Your Home - Apartment Therapy
From The Kitchn - November 14, 2017

The driving force in how you decorate your homeand really just how you live in itis dictated most often by your personality. Who you are as a person impacts what art you hang, how you set up your rooms, how often you host people, your cleaning tendencies, and how you unwind at home. But your personality can also be impacted by when you were born, and much like your zodiac sign, the month you were born in can reveal a lot about you.

Here's what the month you were born in says about your personalityand how that might manifest in your home.


People born in January are often highly imaginative, creative, and unique. They also tend to get excited aboutand work really hard fortheir goals. January-born people also love to entertain. Their homes are filled with art that they have made, and there are always new hobbies and projects that have been started stashed away just waiting to be finished.


February-born folks are artistic and are usually seen by others as a little offbeat and shy. They are sensitive and are more compassionate than most, but also tend to be a little forgetful. Their homes feel cozy and comfortable, and their decor is eclectic. They likely leave reminder notes to themselves all over the house to try to stay on track.


March babies grow up to be go-gettersdespite the fact that they also have a tendency to daydream, they also get stuff done and sometimes act impulsively. They work hard now so they can de-stress later. They are definitely the type to carve out a home office (even in a small space) and keep a mood board up for inspiration. They have also got a collection of relaxing bath bombs to help them unwind.


People born in April make great leaders. They have a lot of strong opinions and tend to be a little aggressive, but they are also quite funny and known to be dependable. They like a clean, well-coordinated modern style and do not hang a lot of art, but the art they do have at home means a lot to themthey probably spent a lot of time finding just the right pieces.


May-born folks are clever, empathetic, and highly adaptable. They are also super extroverted and tend to keep going until they burn out, so it's important that they learn to balance. At home, they are always mixing things up to fit their ever-changing style, and they are either never home because they are always out and about socializing, or they have got company over.









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