Chefs at One of the World's Best Restaurants Work 8 Hours a Day

From Fine Dining Lovers - November 14, 2017

Work-life balance was a big topic at this years Food on the Edge symposium in Galway, Ireland, with several chefs explaining how theyve tried to tackle the problem of chef burn out in their restaurants.

One of those was Magnus Nilsson of the two Michelin star Fviken restaurant in Sweden. There chefs work just eight hours a day across a 40 to 45-hour week, plus they get five weeks holiday a year.

Nilsson says he didnt want to follow the example of Maaemo in Oslo by simply cutting opening hours to reduce the working week. That still perpetuates the problem of long days, he says18 hour working days interfere with how the rest of society functionsPeople cant work at the same level for 18 hours, as they can eight.

Instead, Fviken has hired more staff, and increased their covers and their priceswith little fuss or complaint. The changes have saved his business he says: If we didnt try we would have to close the restaurant anyway and hes now happier too, working two days and three nights a week. No one should be indispensable, he says. We want people to want to be there, not feel like they have to be.

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