The Only Time That Change Doesn't Make You Better

From Lifehack - November 13, 2017

Toms always liked cooking, and his friends have always backed him up on how good he isespecially some of his homemade pizzas. So he pulled together a few pieces and decided to open a pizza place.

The first year of business was good. Lots of customers went to his restaurant to try his pizzas.

But after a year, a taco place opened up nearby and was becoming popular. Their lines seemed longer and their business seemed more robust.

As this was all happening, Tom was scrolling through Facebook one day. He saw that one of his old friends, who currently works in banking services, just bought himself a new car.

Doubt was creeping in.

Why do I have to be so persistent in this business?

Why cant this be easier?

We all do this to some extent: we struggle, we compare to others, and we think about whether we should give up.

Chasing the Perfect Treasure Chest

The perfect treasure chest is a concept many human beings chase. What it means is this: when we dont have something, we imagine this concept of a perfect treasure chest others may have. The chest is beautiful, ornate, and has all the right things inside of it.

We think about our own treasure chest and it seems ugly, faded, and containing metals and stuff with no value.

We are comparing but doing it wrong.

The problem is this: a lot of things we want or see others having (rewards, nice cars, big houses, etc.) can be attained by us too at some point. But once theyre attained, the fantasy associated with them is gone. Once the fantasy is gone, its easier to see downsides. This is why many people dont feel satisfied even when they accrue lots of possessions.

Now lets turn back to Tom. Tom could get that luxury car.

Embrace the Flawed Chest

The Perfect Chest Never Exists, Stop the Endless Chase


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