5 Kitchen Items You're Storing the Wrong Way - Organizing Tips from Kitchn

5 Kitchen Items You're Storing the Wrong Way - Organizing Tips from Kitchn
From The Kitchn - November 13, 2017

Your kitchen is the workhorse of the home, and the items you store in itserving pieces, utensils, and all that cookwareare among the toughest items in the whole place because they have to stand up to daily use.

And even though these items are super-durable, if you store them incorrectly, you could potentially damage them (or, at the very least, waste space you could be using for something else).

Here are five kitchen items you may be storing the wrong way.

1. Knives

If you, like me, throw your knives into a utensil drawer, you are doing it wrong! First of all, it's kind of dangerous, because you can cut yourself sticking your hand into a tangled pile of knife blades. But it's also bad for your knives! Every time a blade hits something that's not foodlike another knife blade or even the edge of a knife blockit can nick it up. Instead, store them along magnetic strips, inside drawer inserts, or by carefully inserting them into a knife block.

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2. Cookie sheets

Oh, are you still stacking your cookie sheets in a messy pile? Do not! The best way to store these babies is vertically, not horizontally. And you have got options: You can use tension rods to get them upright, try a file folder-style divider, or even try a DIY drawer for them. The point is, start thinking vertically.

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3. Spices

4. Wine glasses

5. Cast iron


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