Our Best Thanksgiving Menu for Two - Thanksgiving Menus from Kitchn

Our Best Thanksgiving Menu for Two - Thanksgiving Menus from Kitchn
From The Kitchn - November 13, 2017

Having cooked Thanksgiving dinner for just my husband and myself on several occasions, I have finally perfected how to nail our two-person feast, making all the best dishes of the season without subsisting on leftovers for weeks to come. From braised turkey legs to dessert, here is our best Thanksgiving menu when you are cooking for two.

The Menu + A Few Tips

This menu for a Thanksgiving dinner for two hits all the Turkey Day high points, with a mix of traditional dishes and seasonal flavors. It's designed to be a classic meal, with easy, straightforward recipes.

And most importantly the goal of this menu is to give you a way to get your fill of all the best Thanksgiving dishes without getting stuck with more leftovers than you can actually eat.

What to Drink

Even when it's just the two of you, Thanksgiving is still worthy of celebration. And there is no better way to kick that off what with a simple, seasonal cocktail.

3-Ingredient Honey-Bourbon Gold Rush: The Gold Rush cocktail is basically Hot Toddy's chill cousin. It comes together with bourbon, honey, and lemon juice, shaken and served over ice. It's simple and cozyjust the way your Thanksgiving is meant to be.

The One-Pot Turkey and Gravy Solution

Unless you seriously love leftovers, I do not think it makes sense to roast a whole turkey for two people. Instead, the best way to get this classic Thanksgiving main on the table is by opting for the less expensive and quicker-cooking turkey parts.

Dutch Oven Braised Turkey: This one-pot main is hands down the best turkey dinner I have ever had. And as far as cooking a main course goes, this one gives you some serious bang for your buck. Cooked in a Dutch oven, this braise delivers crispy-skinned, ultra-tender turkey, plus collard greens and sweet potatoes for a side, and a rich sauce that serves as your stand-in the for traditional gravy.

The Side Dishes



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