5 Things I Brought Home from San Francisco - Travel Shopping

5 Things I Brought Home from San Francisco - Travel Shopping
From The Kitchn - November 13, 2017

I am not sure how it happens, but every time I travel elsewhere I seem to forget that I live in a place that has food. I leave Brooklyn with my backpack basically empty and return with a bag that is bursting with baked goods and coffee beans and chocolate bars. Such was the case this past Sunday, when I came back from a weekend trip to the Bay Area. Here's what I toted home with me.

1. Josey Baker Bread, $7 to $9 per loaf

Josey Baker's real name is Josey Baker and he bakes breadreally, really good bread. He started doing it out of his apartment in the Mission, but now you can find his loaves all around town. If you have a chance to visit The Mill, the toast there, made with thick slabs of Josey's life-changing bread, will make you see toast in a whole new light.

I picked up a loaf of the gluten-free "Adventure Bread," which is made with nuts, seeds, oats, olive oil, and maple syrup. It weighs a ton, but is totally worth lugging home.

2. Sightglass Owl's Howl Espresso, $18 for 12 ounces

Coffee beans are always a good souvenir because I know I will use them. This local outfit started as a coffee cart and now has five retail locations in the cityincluding one in SoMa, just a few blocks from the hotel where I stayed. I chose the Owl's Howl espresso beans. They have a lighter roast than I'd usually go for, with a strong candied lemon flavor.

3. Nopalito Tortilla Chips, $8.50 for 16 ounces

4. Poco Dolce Almond Bittersweet Tiles, $26 for 8 tiles

5. Leaves of Grass Herbal Infusion, $17


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