This Is the Ultimate Sign-Up Sheet for Friendsgiving - Friendsgiving

This Is the Ultimate Sign-Up Sheet for Friendsgiving - Friendsgiving
From The Kitchn - November 11, 2017

Although my family's annual celebration is reasonably organized after years of practice (and my mother's borderline pathological attention to detail), my pals and I are still trying to turn Friendsgiving into a smooth, stress-free operation. Our first year we learned that yes, it is possible to have too many sweet potato side dishes, and last year our gluten-free friend realized that she could not eat anything except the salad that she'd prepared.

Even though the setup looked halfway decent, I think everyone wished that we'd just ordered pizza instead.

We are still learning from our experiences, and we now know that our biggest mistake has been the fact that we plan the event without a sign-up spreadsheet. I know, using the word "spreadsheet" automatically deducts about 50 percent of the fun from any celebration, but I am trying to believe that this will make the entire situation so much better.

Several of us got together for a pre-Friendsgiving planning session (I know, again) and we have put together what we think is a simple-but-solid sign-up sheet for any potluck-style mealnot just the ones that involves several casserole dishes of stuffing.

Here's what we decided.

1. Google Sheets is the best way to go.

2. The doc needs seven sections.

3. And four columns.


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