How Grocery Shopping as a Couple Makes My Marriage Stronger - Life in the Kitchen

How Grocery Shopping as a Couple Makes My Marriage Stronger - Life in the Kitchen
From The Kitchn - November 7, 2017

True story: I like grocery shopping. Planning meals, seeing what's on sale, and finding new cheese is always a pleasure. My husband, Alex, likes it as much as I do, but for slightly different reasons. I am mostly into the food part, but he's super social and enjoys running into people and catching up. (We live in a smallish town, so it's unlikely that we will go to the store without seeing someone we know.) And he also likes the food partespecially when it comes to picking cheese.

Grocery shopping together is one of our favorite outings, and I think it's made our marriage stronger.

Eating together is at the heart of the family experience, which means shopping together is just as important. Food has always been a big part of my relationship with Alex. On one of our first dates, he made me paella. This was around the time I decided he was The One. I mean, paella. That was impressive when I was 22 and it's impressive now. But I digress.

The meaning of food has changed for us. In the last 20 years or so, we have combined households, gone through some budget challenges, and added three children to the table. On a busy week, it's easy to forget how much we enjoy food, and meals become just another box to check. Shopping together reminds us not only how much we enjoy food, but also that we need to plan ahead to share great meals.

How Grocery Shopping Together Makes My Marriage Stronger

Shopping for food together puts us on the same page, on everything from budget to scheduling to actual food preferences. Not all couples get their jollies from talking about cheese, although I bet more Kitchn readers do than people in the population as a whole.

1. We Get Time to Plan Our Weeks

Shopping together means we talk about the week ahead and plan to be together. We both work. Our kids go to school and play soccer and football. They bowl, they play basketball, and they sing in the choir, although not all at the same time. We do a lot and we enjoy it, but it's easy to miss each other if we are not careful. Shopping together means planning meals, which means talking about which nights we will be home and at what time. The Sunday shopping trip gets us on the same page for the week ahead.

2. We Get Time to Plan a Special Meal

3. We Remember How Well We Work Together

4. We Talk Budget

5. It Can Feel Like a Small Date


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