5 Cheap Things to Help You Recover From a Tough Workout

From New York Times - October 15, 2017

In collaboration with Wirecutter, here are four other items to help you recover from an intense workout.


O.K., so yes, these kind of look like those gimmicky electronic muscle stimulators from the 90s that promised abs without the work, but the similarities end there. A TENS unit is designed to help with the kind of acute pain you might get from a sports injury or workout soreness.

Think of using one like popping an Advil, or taking an ice bath: It wont fix a permanent problem and is not a replacement for long-term treatment, but it might feel good, Wirecutter writes in its recommendation.

Wirecutters pick is the TechCare Massager Plus.

Compression Socks

Some peopleincluding yours trulyslip on a pair of compression socks after an especially tough run, or after its been a while since hitting the trail, to help with calf soreness. (And many runners swear by them even during a run, though the science is still out on their helpfulness on that front.)

Wirecutters favorite are the Sockwell Elevation Firm Socks.

Yoga Mat

We all know we should stretch more after working out, but it truly can be one of the things that keeps you going and will get you to the next workout. If youre looking for some tips on working those sore muscles, our beginners guide to yoga is a great place to start.

Wirecutters pick for the best yoga mat is Lululemons Reversible Mat 5mm.

Water Bottle

Speaking of things we all know we should do, drinking more water is probably at the top of list. (Maybe after a good nights rest, which really is the best thing you can do for your workout recovery.)

There are lots of options out there, so Wirecutter has lots of great picks. (My favorite is the Thermos Intak, which is currently sitting on my desk.)

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