The 5 Best Food Finds from Oprah's Favorite Things List This Year - Shopping News

The 5 Best Food Finds from Oprah's Favorite Things List This Year - Shopping News
From The Kitchn - November 3, 2017

Oprah Winfrey has been sharing her "Favorite Things" for 20 years, and now they can all be purchased on Amazon. She's just revealed her 2017 selection, and the list is full of Oprah classics like fuzzy slippers and cashmere sweaters, and there are also a ton of really great food items and tools on her radar. Some of them are a bit extremeshe loves a $69 modular bento box that looks like three pieces of Tupperware in a cute carrier, and a $110 chicken piebut Oprah has a gift for making people want things.

Here are the five best food things among Oprah's favorites.

1. "The Good Hurt" Hot Sauce Sampler, $34.99

Oprah's choices tend to be luxurious and extraordinarily expensive, but this one is accessible and awesome. It's a set of seven different bottles of hot sauce, packaged together to look like a giant bundle of dynamite. The collection includes cayenne, garlic, garlic herb, chipotle pepper, smoky Bourbon, whiskey habanero, and the insanely spicy ghost pepper hot sauce. Everybody must know someone who would love to get this as a present.

"If they love hot sauce, they are gonna love you!" Oprah said. "That's why it's my favorite."

2. Gourmia Frozen Dessert Maker, $49.99

This thing is brilliant. You just pour any kind of frozen fruit into it, and in just a few minutes it churns out something with the consistency of soft-serve ice cream. I have a toddler who is obsessed with eating only cold foods, and she is going to lose her mind over this thing.

3. Josh Pond Wild Organic Blueberries, $50

4. Model Bakery English Muffins, $14

5. Katz's Three-Course Dinner for Four, $125


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