Small Kitchen Design Ideas Definitely Worth Saving - Apartment Therapy

Small Kitchen Design Ideas Definitely Worth Saving - Apartment Therapy
From The Kitchn - November 1, 2017

We see a lot of great small kitchens, and the best ones have smart layouts, maximized efficiency and clever storage solutions. If you are planning a large renovation, or just want refresh your space, here are twelve tried and true ideas for getting a kitchen that totally works.

Cut the Corners: If you are designing a kitchen from scratch, galley (or walk-through) kitchens are efficient layouts that do not leave lots of dead space. If you already have an L-shaped floorplan, consider corner kitchen drawers, or lazy Susans inside your cabinets, to make awkward spots more functional.

Reflective Surfaces: Install mirrors wherever possible, to add the illusion of more space.

Backsplash Shelving: The wall area above your counters, or over the range, is one more place to eke out storage, in addition to cabinets. Small shelves are the perfect solution for keeping things you use regularly within reach, like spices or cookbooks.

Kitchen Counter Bars: If you do not have room for a proper kitchen table, a bar countertop doubles as both prep space and an eating area.

Custom Details: If you can, create elements that fit your space exactly, and make use of every square inch. Virginia and Kelly built these specially angled counters for their loft kitchen.

Under-Cabinet Lighting: Nothing makes a kitchen feel more cramped than poor lighting. A few under-cabinet lights go a long way towards making your small kitchen more functional and workable.

Hanging Storage: Bulky pots and pans hung overhead (and in front of the window!) free up lots of cabinet space and add visual charm to Mark's kitchen. Wire baskets are another cheap option.


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