A BOO-zy Halloween: 5 Punches and Cocktails for Spooky Get-Togethers - BOO-zy Halloween

A BOO-zy Halloween: 5 Punches and Cocktails for Spooky Get-Togethers - BOO-zy Halloween
From The Kitchn - October 25, 2017

Halloween is here and it's time to turn up the campy factor. We ca not think of a better way to do that than by dressing up your drinks!

In this collection of spooky cocktails and punches, the Halloween kitsch is dialed all the way upbecause what other time of year gives you the green light to shoot glow-in-the dark gin-and-tonic jello shots, serve a boozy swamp punch, or sip on a tropical pitcher drink that looks like a giant candy corn?

A Halloween Cocktail for Any Kind of Party

Whether you are the kind of host who likes to pick a party theme that permeates everything from the food to the decor, or you prefer to keep it a little simpler, there's a drink in this collection for every style of entertaining.

For the Low-Key Get-Together: Spiked Slow-Cooker Cider

If your Halloween bash is more like a chill get-together, might we suggest a warming spiked apple cider you keep hot in the slow cooker? It's based on our classic slow-cooker apple cider, except this time around we are not being shy about tipping a bit of bourbon, brandy, or spiced rum into the mix. Ifyou have got little ones around, leave the booze out of the slow cooker and let guests add their own into mugs after serving.

For Trick-or-Treat Evenings: Pumpkin Spice Creamer

For the Halloween get-togethers that consist of a front porch hang giving out candy to trick-or-treaters, our boozy pumpkin spice creamer is perfect for tipping into your after-dinner coffee. It's heavy cream-based and mixed up with just a dash of pumpkin pure and bourbon, so if you somehow found yourself going as The Dude this year, swap in vodka and lean into your role.

For the Party Monsters: Swamp Monster Sherbet Punch

For the Mad Scientist Bash: Glow-in-the-Dark Jello Shots

For the Grown-up Kids Party: Candy Corn Punch


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