Here's What to Eat While Watching Stranger Things - TV Tune In

Here's What to Eat While Watching Stranger Things - TV Tune In
From The Kitchn - October 23, 2017

You guys! Season Two of Stranger Things is almost here (it's coming out this Friday, October 27, to be exact). There's a good chance gobbling up the entire season in one epic binge-watching session is your plan this weekend, and we support you. But listen: You will need sustenance to tackle your Creature fears (even if everyone on the show is so darn busy discovering a secret dimension and rescuing their loved ones from a mysterious nightmare creature that there's barely a bite taken). You, on the other, are human. And you are going to get hungry.

Comfort food and serious '80s snacks are a given, but what exactly should you stock up on? That all depends. Are you an Eleven or a Barb? A suburban teen sweetheart who needs fuel to fight off ghouls? A harried police chief cracking the case of a lifetime?

It's time for a choose-your-own-menu-adventure. Pick your favorite Stranger Things character and we will tell you what to snack on.


Eleven will put her life on the line to get her hands on a stash of Eggo waffles. When Mike tells her that there could be real food in her future, she does not look all that interested in dishes that are not composed of defrosted bright yellow circles.

Meet in the middle ground between full-on family meals and solo Eggo binges with waffle egg sandwiches with spicy maple butter. Bonus: They are handheld, so they are even easier to eat in the woods or a basement tent.

Dustin and Lucas

That scene where Dustin and Lucas peer into the cold school fridge light and uncover a pudding wonderland? Priceless. Think like a 12-year-old boy with a new pudding cup stash and whip up some chocolate pudding cake with Coke frosting.

Since even '80s kids ca not live off of sweets alone, pair this monster dessert with a big bowl of homemade pepperoni chips.

Joyce Byers

Start with an Irish coffee, the perfect drink to calm your nerves and keep you awake as messages from another dimension come through your walls. Once (spoiler alert!) the family is reunited, sans terrifying creature, it's time for some hearty festive fare.

A loaded baked potato casserole sounds like the kind of quick, fun recipe that Joyce might throw together for family dinner. Chase it with a few easy-peasy funfetti mug cakes, which scream "Will is home!" and "It's the '80s; microwaves are still exciting!"

Chief Jim Hopper

Long days of harrowing multi-dimensional police work call for a few bloody beers. Maybe add some homemade hamburger helper to the menu to balance out your beverages. Beer ca not always be the main course.

Jonathan Byers

Nancy Wheeler

Mike Wheeler

Steve Harrington

Barb Holland

Karen Wheeler

Will Byers

The Creature


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