10 Essential Things to Eat, Drink & Do on a Weekend in Upstate New York - Fall Weekend Trips

10 Essential Things to Eat, Drink & Do on a Weekend in Upstate New York - Fall Weekend Trips
From The Kitchn - October 14, 2017

I grew up going skiing in upstate New York. It was, let me be completely honest, unextraordinary in every single wayespecially the food. I remember being very hungry.

Fast forward a few decades and (much to my surprise) upstate New York has completely transformed. Towns revitalized, hotels and motels restored to their former glory, and a slew of new restaurants, bars, and shops opened. This is thanks largely to artists and artisans who have flocked to the region, attracted to the landscape, like-minded people, and room to build and grow.

Today, upstate New Yorkthe Catskills and Hudson River Valley, in particularis an expansive destination where you can find pleasures simple and sophisticated. It has, in short, become extraordinaryespecially if you love food.

There's no better time to visit than the fall, when the air is crisp, the farm stands are overflowing, and the apples are ready for the picking. We polled a combination of locals, Kitchn editors, and frequent visitors for their top picks for what to eat, drink, and do on a weekend in upstate New York. Here's what made the list.

1. Spend an afternoon in Hudson, New York.

There's no shortage of places to visit in upstate New York, and if you are looking for the undiscovered, your best bet is to veer west of the Hudson River, where winding roads lead to exciting, if only occasional, bites and design finds. But no other upstate town offers the combination of charm, ivied brick facades, window shopping, and provisions like Hudson.

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It's the perfect jumping-off spot if you are new to these parts and, with seemingly new additions to the scene near-daily, it's also worth a repeat visit.

2. Go apple picking at Westwind Orchard.

There's also no shortage of orchards in upstate New Yorkthe Empire State produces upwards of 29 million bushels of apples per yearbut Westwind Orchard is one of our favorites for a few reasons. The owners, Laura and Fabio, have not only resurrected an historic apple orchard, but they also grow (all organic) pears and raspberries and, on summer and fall weekends, the farm hosts pizza and movie nights.

3. Have breakfast at a diner.

The most popular diner in the Catskills may well be Phoenicia Diner, known for its locally sourced spin on classicslike smoked trout on a bagel and line-caught tuna salad. We are also fans of the less-known Gracie's Luncheonette, where you wo not have to wait for a table. Try to get there early, though, because the giant doughnuts do sell out. Also, ask for a seat by the picture window in the back and you will have a great water view.

4. Visit a farm stand or farmers market.

5. Drink wine in Kingston, New York.

6. Go for a hike (with a picnic).

7. Eat apple cider donuts and drink apple cider.

8. Pet some alpacas.

9. Have a meal (or two) at Table on Ten.

10. Go antiquing.


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