How To Cook & Brown Ground Beef - Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn

How To Cook & Brown Ground Beef - Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn
From The Kitchn - October 13, 2017

Weeknight standards like chili, tacos, and sloppy Joes all start with the same basic concept: browning ground beef in a bit of oil. Some recipes may call for adding onion, garlic, or spices at some point along the journey, but getting truly browned ground beef is the best thing you can do to build flavor in the final dish.

Properly browning ground meat for the start of a dinner recipe or for storing in the fridge for meals all week is not hard, but here's a refresher for when you need it.

Cooking Great Ground Beef Starts in the Store

When you shop for ground beef take a close look at the labels, as they are full of information beyond price per pound. You will find out what cut of meat has been ground and what the fat-to-lean content of the meat is (I think of 85/15 as a good all-purpose beef). If the package is simply labeled "ground beef" or "market ground beef" you can ask your butcher for more details or simply assume that it has been ground from a variety of cuts.

Make sure you purchase the freshest ground beef you can. Start by choosing a package with the sell-by date that is furthest from today's date. You will also want to check out the color of the meat. While a bright red color can be misleading since the meat may have been packaged with carbon monoxide in order to maintain the red color for its normal shelf life, just make sure to avoid any trays that appear gray. Finally, you want the meat to stay cold, so make the meat counter your last stop before the checkout line.

4 Steps to Better Browned Meat

Hands Off for Better Browning

Using and Storing Cooked Ground Beef


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