Cook Your Way Through the Martha Stewart and Snoop Dog Season 2 Preview - Food News

From The Kitchn - October 13, 2017

Martha and Snoop's Potluck Dinner Party is absurdly charming and deeply surreal. I am a big fan of Martha and Snoop's friendship; they have used their odd-couple pairing to create a show composed of those loose, funny talks you have gathered around a steaming pot or a cutting board, laughing as your stir sauce or knead dough. Family members stop by, sing-a-longs erupt (to a live DJ, of course), and celebrities show up to cook elbow to elbow with an iconic rapper and a domestic goddess.

This week, VH1 released the first six minutes of the new season. In the preview, Snoop and Martha host my dream joint birthday party, which they kick off by bursting out of an enormous cake. Martha says "We always have the most fun together," and honestly how could they not? Less than a minute into the show and we already have dueling DJs, about 500 balloons, and Martha Stewart in a metallic jacket I would happily steal off of her back.

Ready for the season 2 premiere on October 16? Take a cue from your friends Martha and Snoop and make a premiere-night menu inspired by all the foods they reference in this clip.

White Sangria

Extra-Crispy Chops

Peach Cobbler


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