The Best Way to Organize Your Refrigerator - Organizing Tips from Kitchn

The Best Way to Organize Your Refrigerator - Organizing Tips from Kitchn
From The Kitchn - October 12, 2017

If you have taken on the daunting task of cleaning out your refrigerator, you should give yourself a well-deserved pat on the back! But once all the expired condiments have been tossed and the shelves have been wiped clean, what's the best way to put everything back again? Does it really matter where things go?

How Professional Kitchens Organize the Fridge

When organizing the refrigerator, we like to use professional and restaurant kitchens as models since they organize their fridges with food safety in mind. Their way of doing it is to organize based on the temperature the foods need to be cooked to.

Things that need no cooking to be safe to eat (like prepared foods or leftovers) are placed at the top, then everything else is organized downwards based on the temperature it needs to be cooked to, with the foods needing to be cooked to the highest temperature (like chicken) being at the bottom.

When organized this way, any cross-contamination that occurs wo not be a problem because the food that's contaminated has to be cooked to a higher temperature than the food sitting above it that may have dripped down.

The Strategy

So how do we adopt their way of organization? Here's the strategy that uses the same principles, tailored to the configurations of a home refrigerator.

1. Upper shelves: Leftovers, drinks, and ready-to-eat foods (like yogurt, cheese, and deli meats).

2. Lower shelves: Raw ingredients slated for cooked dishes.


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