5 Rules of Wine Tasting I Learned from a Weekend in Sonoma - Fall Weekend Trips

5 Rules of Wine Tasting I Learned from a Weekend in Sonoma - Fall Weekend Trips
From The Kitchn - October 4, 2017

From my first sip of vin with my mom in Paris (I was 16 and pretty sure I spat it back into the glass) to the everyday catch-up session over a glass or two, wine has always been a central part of my relationship with my mom. So, when it came time for us to plan our next girls' trip, we decided on Sonoma. We blocked off four days and flew out to California for eating, drinking, and taking in the breathtaking landscape.

Here's what we learned along the (delicious) way.

5 Tips for Planning the Perfect Wine Weekend

1. There's a right number of wineries to visit in a day.

And that number is three. We learned this from taking Sonoma's wine trolley on our third day. The scenic six-hour tour took us to four different wineries and by the time we arrived at our last destination, VJB Cellars, we were more than ready to go back to our cottage for a siesta.

2. When in doubt, take an Uber.

Even if you are drinking less than a glass at each tasting, if you are hitting three wineries in a day, that can add up. Luckily, many wine areas offer Uber, Lyft, or other car service options.

3. Ask about tasting fees in advance.

Tasting fees are not cheap. We paid between $15 and $60, depending on the winery, the number of wines, and whether or not snacks were included. But some wineries will waive the tasting fees if you sign up for their wine club or purchase a certain number of bottles.

4. Skip the touristy spots.

5. Do not forget about the food!


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