5 Common Things You Really Don't Need at Home - Apartment Therapy

5 Common Things You Really Don't Need at Home - Apartment Therapy
From The Kitchn - October 3, 2017

Stores want to sell you lots and lots of stuff, that's their job.Your job is to figure out which things you ca not live without and which ones you should leave on the shelf.That's where we come in.

Top sheet

Are you hip to this trend? I am on board (Teresa is, too). Forgoing a top sheet has made zero difference in my sleeping comfort, but a major difference in my laundry load and morning bed-making time.I am a convert.

Place settings for 12

Every registry will encourage you to stock up, but do not do it. Chances are, if you are ever expecting 12 people at once, there will be ample notice to arrange to borrow or rent enough china and silver. And in the (probably long) interim between your epic dinner parties, you wo not have to devote storage space to your huge collection of dishware.

Specialized cleaning products

Every cleaning line wants to convince you that you need to buy many different lotions and potions to get eachspecific part of your home clean. An extra-strength disposal bomb to get it lemony fresh?Why not just try a lemon? Or...VINEGAR.

Matching nightstands or lamps

ALL the knives


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