5 of the Most Gorgeous Tiny Kitchens with Open Shelving - Shelf Help

5 of the Most Gorgeous Tiny Kitchens with Open Shelving - Shelf Help
From The Kitchn - September 17, 2017

A snug kitchen can mean a few things: namely minimal places for storage, small-scale appliances, and a desire to keep it streamlined and clean at all times. That said, you may think that design features like open shelving are a big no-no; after all, there's nothing like having all your stuff on display to make your small space seem even more claustrophobic, right?

Well, you may be pleasantly surprised to hear you are (kind of) wrong! Cabinets can actually make a small kitchen feel smaller than it is. When done correctly, even tiny kitchens can play host to enviable open shelving displays. Just take a look at these gorgeous kitchens.

1. A Slightly Minimalist Galley Kitchen

Galley kitchens can be tough. They are basically just narrow hallways with appliances in them, so to-the-ceiling cabinets are especially hard to swallow. That's why we love the kitchen in this Berlin apartment. With just one long shelf (that's not overloaded), the space still feels light and airy.

2. A Cozy Multipurpose Space

Before you say Hey, that kitchen looks huge!, know this: The whole apartment is only 431 square feet! The kitchen, dining room, and living room are all in one space, which helps save other square footage for sleeping and, um, bathing. The shelves in this space are all about function and form.

3. A Well-Lit Houseboat

4. A Smart Use of Space

5. A Small Shelf with a Big Impact


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