What to Buy in the Kids' Section When You're a Grownup 

What to Buy in the Kids' Section When You're a Grownup 
From Lifehacker - September 15, 2017

When browsing the kids section of a store, whether youre shopping for your own offspring or someone elses, you might see an item and suddenly think, Hey, this could work for me.

It could. Shopping in childrens departmentsis a well-known hack for our shorter friends, but people of any height can benefit from the practice. You can find all sorts of things at prices that are typically less than the grownup versionswhich means more money for lotto tickets, R-rated movies and car rentals, because youre still an adult, dammit!

Heres what to look for when perusing the aisles:


BuzzFeeds Sally Kaplan, whos been shopping in the kids department her entire life because shes cheap and also short, has some great insight about adult-to-child sizing conversions. She recommends Gap Kids for jeans because they come in an insanely large range of sizes, and Woolrich for winter coats becauseyou can save yourself hundreds by doing so. Other kids shops and sections that adults have found success in include the childrens department at The North Face (for example, the signature OSO hoodie is $140 for women versus $99 for girls, and the Campshire pullover is $120 for men versus $85 for boys), as well as J.Crew Kids (and J.Crew Outlet), Zara Kids, Old Navy Kids and H&M Kids.

Some tips for shopping for clothing in the kids section:


Fortunately, shoes are more straightforward. The handy shoe size conversion charts on can help you figure out your kid sizejust find your size, see what it is in inches or centimeters, and look for that same number on the big kid chart. I wear a womens size 7.5, so according to Zappos, Im a6 in big kid size. Note that kids shoes do tend to run narrow, so again, try them on first.




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