The Storage Bag Trick for Organizing Your Fridge Better - Storage Smarts

The Storage Bag Trick for Organizing Your Fridge Better - Storage Smarts
From The Kitchn - September 15, 2017

I run a tight ship when it comes to my refrigerator. I ca not stand a messy fridge, so I spend a lot of time trying to prevent that. I find myself frequently pulling leftovers that have gotten pushed to the back of the fridge to the front so they wo not get forgotten about, and lining up various condiments. Beyond this, there is one tool I lean on daily to keep my fridge in the shape I like it: zip-top bags.

Why Zip-Top Storage Bags Help Organize Your Fridge

1. They do not take up a ton of space.

While plastic and glass storage containers are all well and good, they take up quite a lot of space. Zip-top bags, however, hardly take up any space at all. I can fill them with everything from cut-up fruits and veggies to leftovers, and fit a whole lot more in the fridge than I would if I were using the other guys. I also love that bags can sit flat and be stacked. I usually opt for freezer zip-top bags in this case, as they are thicker, sturdier, and much less likely to leak than the regular kind.

Storing food in those sturdier bags also means it can quickly go from fridge to freezer when I decide mid-week I wo not be able to finish it all and want to extend its life.

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2. They are clear.

Here's another obvious reason zip-top bags win. Many of my bowls and plastic containers are not. With bags, I can quickly see what I have to work with when I open my fridge and what needs to be used up before it goes bad. That's one step closer to a well-oiled machine in my book.

3. Some things prefer to be stored in bags.

4. They are not all that wasteful.


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