The Top 5 Objections to Open Shelving - Shelf Help

The Top 5 Objections to Open Shelving - Shelf Help
From The Kitchn - September 15, 2017

Change is scary and can often leave a person full of excuses. Take open shelving, for example. If you are used to having doors on your cabinets, the idea of putting everything you own out on display could make you very nervous. But you might actually end up loving it!

I chatted with several folks (including some of my own interior design clients), who have made the switch from closed-door cabinets to open-air shelving, and let's just say all those excuses are just thatexcuses! Hear what these homeowners have to say about open shelving and put those excuses to rest.

Excuse 1: I will lose space.

It is true that when the doors come down, you lose any and all opportunities to squeeze in just one more cup or box of instant oatmeal. However, it's also true that many people with cabinet doors still waste space because they fill cabinets so much that they do not know what they havebecause they ca not see it all. With open shelving, the actual number of square inches stays the same, but you actually use it better. "As I cleared out my cabinets, I found all these things in the very back that I did not even know I had," says Meredith from New York. "Those things certainly did not earn a spot on the new shelves!"

Excuse 2: I have too much stuff.

In the age of Marie Kondo, do I even need to say it? Less is best. How many cereal bowls do you and your family actually use? And how many do you have? "Our cup collection was out of controla hodgepodge of mismatched glasses. We just felt bad getting rid of stuff," says Kathy from California. After getting open shelving, she pared things down and realized that all the remaining drinking glasses fit easily on one small ledge. Take a deep breath, and enjoy less.

Excuse 3: It seems like a lot of work.

Excuse 4: This is just a trend.

Excuse 5: My dishes are ugly.


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