5 Ways Cruise Lines Are Luring Food-Lovers to the High Seas - Cruises for Food-Lovers

5 Ways Cruise Lines Are Luring Food-Lovers to the High Seas - Cruises for Food-Lovers
From The Kitchn - September 14, 2017

Have you thought about going on a cruise but been deterred by the prospect of sad buffets and cafeteria-style dining? Well, I am here to tell you to think again. Cruise lines have caught on that travelers want more from their onboard culinary experiences and are busy reinventing every aspect to lure you on board.

Here are five ways cruise lines are going after the foodie set.

1. Celebrity Chefs

Cruise lines are sparing no expense in their battle to bring in the big guns, and now some of the biggest names in the food world are lending those names to menus and dining experiences on board. If you are a cult follower of a particular chef, chances are you can find their food on board a ship near you.

When I attended the christening of the MSC Meraviglia earlier this year, I made it a point to stop at Mario Batali's Eataly (yes, Eataly at sea!) every time I made my way across the ship.

2. Chef's Tables

The ever-popular chef's table concept has made its way to sea, where cruise lines go to great lengths to top one another's experiences. You wo not necessarily be dining in the kitchenerr, galleyin most cases, but you may get a tour before your elaborate dinner. And are they ever elaborate.

Princess Cruises, the first to offer cruisers a chef's table, goes over the top with their Chef's Table Lumiere on select ships. After a galley tour with bubbly and hors d'oeuvres, diners join the ship's executive chef in a private space ensconced behind a shimmering curtain of light in the dining room where everyone else can wonder who's inside and what they are eating.

3. Culinary Excursions

Of course some of the best food-lover's fun is to be found off the ship in all those delicious ports of call, so cruise lines are catering to the wandering epicure with amped-up emphasis on food-centric shore excursions.

Last year while cruising Alaska with Princess Cruises I headed out with my husband and some friendsand an experienced captainon a 34-foot cruiser for an awesome day of drinking beer and fishing. The excitement and adrenaline when the pole bent under the weight of some massive salmon punctuated a pretty idyllic day just floating around under Alaskan skies. Later, we enjoyed our very own fresh catch for dinner.

Or go shopping with the chef; Celebrity Cruises passengers can opt for a market expedition in 21 countries. After picking the best ingredients at places ranging from Bangkok to Reykjavik, head back on board where you will hang out in the galley picking up tips from the chef before sitting down to your local dinner.

4. Cooking Schools

5. Cooking Competitions

So, How Much Will It Cost?

A Final Note on Cruise Buffets


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