How To Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets So It Looks Like You Totally Replaced Them - How To

How To Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets So It Looks Like You Totally Replaced Them - How To
From The Kitchn - September 14, 2017

Painting your kitchen cabinets is the single most transformative thing you can do to your kitchen without a gut renovation. And, if you do it yourself, it can also be one of the least expensive ways to overhaul the spacejust the cost of materials and, of course, your time.

And time it will take. People on the internet like to say that painting your kitchen cabinets is a quick weekend project. Maybe if it's a holiday weekendand you can take another day or two off work! In reality, it's a project that can take a solid five or six days, depending on the size of your kitchen. (You literally have to wait for paint to dry!)

It's not all that hard, thoughas long as you are patient and thorough, the transformation will be amazing. We teamed up with professional painters Chris and Lexi Dowding, of Michigan-based SwatchOut, to paint a real kitchen and distill the steps for you to DIY it. Warning: It's going to look like a lot of steps. And it is! But we also wanted to break down as much possible here, so that you have no questions in real life.

Here's what you need to know in order to paint your old, wooden kitchen cabinets so that they look like brand new (white!) ones.

Before we get into the steps, we just wanted to share this before and after. Look at how different this kitchen looks! Sure, the decorations help, but it's really that crisp, clean white paint that makes the room feel brighter, bigger, and just more welcoming.

The transformation took us five days. The first day was the most work (so much prep!). By days three and four, we were mostly waiting for paint to dry! And on the last day, we just did the fun part: reassemble the cabinets and decorate!

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